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Kissy Fish
31 October

psychotic fish with large breasticles obsessed with a furry monkey.

medical issues keep me from having a real life, so instead I pretend via a webcam. (and yes, I know what "via" means. I was forced to take latin for 3 years.)

I like to get naked and fuck blowup dolls. and you can watch used to be able to watch, before I temporarily shut down my camsite. but do you want to? (note: the site's been down "temporarily" for *HOW* long now? *snicker* I really *DO* plan on restarting my site again - not exactly as it was, but SOME formation. Who wants to buy me a new computer so I have the processing power to do so? *snicker*)

*YES*, my birthday really *IS* Halloween/Samhain/New Year's Day, depending on how you look at October 31. I should put my ID up at some point and show you all. hahaha. no one believes me. *giggle*


I am also the creator and moderator for the endometriosis community. stop in! NOTE: as of August 2006, in allowing people to help with the moderating, I was dropped as a maintainer with no previous knowledge and STILL no answer as to WHY, despite attempts to find out. Nice, eh? I gave someone access because it was claimed that the new users wanted certain features I was unable to maintain, so I brought someone on board to help...who then added a bunch of other people and deleted me. How sweet. So I felt like whining about it here. ;)

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Yes, I animated the mari-chan icon (the blinky menstrual pic). I think that picture is god.

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